Is Your Current Money Mindset Holding You Back

from Making & Keeping More Money?

You're a woman who runs her own business, and, while you may make money, you just can’t hold on to it. It comes in, but it slips right through your fingers, yet again.

Or, you say you want to make more money, but for some reason you can’t see the money-making opportunities that are all around you.

If any of this sounds familiar, then it might surprise you to know that your subconscious mind is in the driving seat (to the tune of about 96% of the actions you take).

It really is running the show. It’s blocking money flow, and it’s pushing money away from you.

So, wouldn’t it pay to get this sorted? To work out exactly what your money beliefs are, and to start changing them to work in your favour?

So that you can make – and keep – more money?

If you're a female entrepreneur who has big dreams and you want help turning around your money mindset, then spend a day with me in a one-on-one Dynamic Money Mindset VIP day.

So, What Happens on the Day?

After settling in to energy of your special day, we’ll dig deep and expose the real beliefs you have about money. We’ll take a serious, honest look at your current money situation, and we’ll reveal how your beliefs are impacting the amount of money that you’re making, keeping and spending. In your business AND in your life.

Once we’ve faced all of that head on, we’ll create a practical plan to start embedding new money beliefs (that SERVE you) into your everyday life. We’ll set amazing (but very do-able) goals, and put in place strategies to get you started and keep you on track.

A Dynamic Money Mindset VIP day is for someone who’s had enough of their current money dramas, and who’s ready to be courageous and start to create a new money legacy, a new way of being with money.

Is that you?

It’s confronting stuff, but so liberating. You’ll start to feel the energetic shift immediately!

I’ll be there to guide you through the day, whether in person or ‘virtually’ in person via Skype video.

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Bonuses Are the Icing on the Cake!

A transformational VIP day like this is one of the greatest gifts that you can give yourself, but to continue the VIP experience, you’ll also receive special bonuses.

After your VIP Day you’ll receive a bonus, luxurious goodie bag and a personalised binder of your completed ‘Dynamic Money Mindset’ documentation.

You’ll also receive a bonus one-hour follow-up session one week after your VIP Day, to help you start implementing your action steps, and to keep you on track.

The VIP Day Experience

VIP days are awesome and are a catalyst for profound change. Sadaf Khurram recently experienced a VIP day with me, and since beginning her new business has achieved her yearly income goal in only a few short months!

Here’s Sadaf at the end of her VIP day:

Marisa now has a completely different
outlook on money – New York, here we come!

Before having a Dynamic Money Mindset VIP day with Joanne, I was struggling with the concept that I could actually have money. I had this false idea that I was not worthy of having money and that I would have to work too hard to make it. I was at a point in my business where I was working long hours but somehow never generated enough money to pay myself a wage. I was exhausted yet never saw any fruits of my labour!

On the day itself, I felt really, really excited! I felt positive that I was actually going to be doing something proactive about my money issues. Joanne provided a secure and comfortable environment in which I could explore my feelings and I felt truly supported by her.

Since my VIP day, I have a completely different outlook on money. I am finally making a wage and have an annual income figure that I am working towards. My dream of travelling to the US with my family has also come into fruition! We are heading over for a month this year! Not in my wildest dreams would I have thought that this would happen so soon! Doing the Dynamic Money Mindset VIP day with Joanne was one of the most rewarding things I have done for myself and my family!

Marisa Punshon, Orbit Accounts

Renée set an exciting income goal –
and exceeded that goal within six months!

I imagine that, for many women, the 'Dynamic Money Mindset' VIP day with Joanne will be the start of a whole new money journey. Not so for me. In fact, that VIP day was the culmination of months of coaching with Joanne. I learned a lot about myself and money during that time, but perhaps the most important lesson for me was how to leave behind old and unhelpful beliefs about money. Easier said than done, right? Fortunately for me, with Joanne’s skilful and supportive coaching, by the time my VIP day came around I was ready to look ahead to my future with a sense of excitement and anticipation. I was ready to set new goals and to achieve them.

The VIP day was just brilliant: emotional, fun, energy shifting and, above all, practical. I felt so spoilt and pampered having an entire day set aside just for me, and Joanne ensured that we maintained that focus throughout. By the end of the VIP day I felt I had achieved my most important and essential goal – I now had an entirely New Money Story.

Yes, I did set goals for my future income, and yes, I did exceed that goal within six months. But you know the best thing that came out of my coaching and VIP day with Joanne? I actually stopped worrying about money. I did. Just like that.

By re-setting my money mindset and refocusing my energies on the most important things in my life I was able to leave behind outdated, limiting beliefs that had left me feeling insecure and disempowered. Today, my New Money Story means I feel relaxed and happy about money. I now feel a strong sense of control and empowerment about money and wealth. I still set goals and I work hard to achieve them, but the difference is that my money worries are long gone. Money flows easily and abundantly to me. It buys me time and access to everything in life that gives me joy and fulfilment.

If you are struggling with limiting beliefs about money, trust Joanne to hold your hand and lead you towards your own New Money Story.

Renée Otmar, PhD

Are you ready to experience the kickstart that a VIP day can create?

Money impacts every area of our life – we are MEANT to be wealthy! We’re meant to have all of our needs met, and to have plenty of money left over to have brilliant experiences and to help others.

Let’s work on this together.

Now, VIP days are tremendously powerful, and I know of coaches who charge upwards of $15,000 for a VIP day – and they are absolutely fantastic value. However, I want you to have no excuses for finally starting to heal your money story, so that you can create more money in your business.

So, the current investment for an in-person VIP day with me (including a day at a luxurious venue, with lunch, morning and afternoon teas, goodie bag, personalised binder and one-hour follow-up coaching session) is $1997.

The current investment for a virtual VIP day (via Skype video, including goodie bag, personalised binder and one-hour follow-up coaching session) is $1597.

Either of those investments could easily be paid for by just one or two new clients coming into your world – imagine how much easier it will be to attract perfect clients after we've delved deep into your money story and you've started taking the action steps to create a new money mindset.

Ready to start? Then simply answer the questions in the form below, press 'submit', and we’ll organise a time to chat, to see whether this extraordinary, powerful Dynamic Money Mindset VIP day is right for you!

Here’s to a new money mindset that changes... everything.

Warm hugs

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